Children and grief

Preparing Children for Funeral Rituals -Youth Session

Robyn meets with youth, ages 5 and up, to prepare them for their loved one’s funeral or memorial service.  Explores the meaning of “death” and “dying”; what to expect at the visitation and funeral or memorial service and at the cemetery; emotions we are likely to experience following a death; and naming our hope in seasons of loss and grief.  This is an interactive session that incorporates playful activities, such as drawing, storybooks and more.  Approximately 60 minutes.  

 Preparing Children for Funeral Rituals – Parent Session

When should children attend funeral or memorial services?  How do you explain death to a child?  How do you explain cremation?   Death and loss are normal and natural experiences.  Any child old enough to smile is old enough to experience the pain of grief and the separation caused by death.  This and many other concerns parents may have are addressed in this very important and practical session. 

Playcare: Supporting Grieving Children

Robyn shares her approach to supporting the needs of grieving children, called PlayCare.  PlayCare is a blending of the principles of play therapy with the practice of pastoral care.  This presentation includes an overview of how children at different developmental stages understand and experience death and grief. The healing power of PlayCare is illustrated by stories shared from Robyn’s years of experience working with grieving and traumatized children.

 Grieving Children and the Holidays

Help for parents and others in families with young children facing the holidays after loss.  Participants receive Robyn’s Handling the Holidays After Loss: Children’s Activity Book.

 Intentional Ministry to Bereaved Children

For the congregation seeking to support the needs of grieving children.  This presentation is grounded in biblical and theological reflections.  So often adult caregivers in the child’s life are overwhelmed with grief and stressed by the demands of caring for their loved one’s final business.  It falls then to the Sunday School teachers, Scout Leaders, and other caring adults  to provide the love and support a child needs for his journey of grief.  Participants learn what it means to be a Servant-Companion, converting good intentions into sound, knowledgeable support for the needs of a grieving youngster.