Grief in the Workplace


Grief in the Workplace

There are few challenges greater than returning to work following the death of a loved one.  The return to normal routines and needed financial security are both compelling reasons to return to work, but the demands on the job may be overwhelming during the most acute phases of bereavement.  This presentation addresses the workplace needs of the bereaved.  At the same time, it will normalize those needs for employers and co-workers to foster greater understanding and provide guidance for practicial support to bereaved employees/co-workers.

 Small Business Crisis Response

Small town businesses seldom have the plans and resources in place to deal with a crisis.  Sadly, they are not immune to crisis.  The sudden, traumatic death of an employee or co-worker, a crime-related incident or natural disaster may leave your staff vulnerable to post-traumatic stress reactions.  Early intervention and debriefing offers healing and may even prevent the most intense of these reactions.  Robyn will lead your staff through debriefing the most disturbing aspects of the crisis, offer reassurance and share resources for future support. 

 Compassion Fatigue: Help for the Helper

The most dedicated and effective professional caregivers are also the ones most vulnerable to Compassion Fatigue and Traumatic Stress Reactions.  Employers in the medical and social services fields are coming to understand the very practical benefits of providing a supportive work environment for their staff in order to prevent employee burnout and rapid turnover.  This presentation is perfect for the office or organization that is committed to providing a healthy work envirnoment, with an emphasis on pro-active strategies to prevent compassion fatigue and burnout.