What others are saying

“Robyn helped facilitate a pregnancy loss support group in our community.  This group helped us grieving mothers have a safe place to receive support from other grieving mothers. Robyn was able to bring supportive references to our group to assist with our meetings. She also organized the Cherish a Child event- a memory walk and service for those who have had children die.  Our family looks forward to it every year because it is a way for us to remember and honor our losses.” 

Lacy T., Registered Nurse                                                                                               Grundy Center, IA


“There really was no grief help for young children when my husband suddenly died leaving me pregnant and trying to explain what had happed to our four year old son.  When my son was in early elementary school, Robyn began a grief recovery program for children, called Rick’s House of Hope; this ended up being a godsend for our family. This program gave my kids a chance to meet other kids working through the same feelings and going through similar situations; they no longer felt alone and they had a safe place to discuss anything that they may have been dealing with.  As they got older and their understanding of the life, and the world, changed they often had new struggles; but they always knew they could go back to Rick’s House.  My kids are now 22 and 26 and are happy, well adjusted young adults.  I believe this is, in part, because of the care, compassion, and help they received from Robyn and Rick’s House of Hope during their grief journey.”

Tracy B., Executive Education Secretary, Arrowhead Ranch                                                     Coal Valley, IL


“I had the pleasure of hiring and supervising Robyn for six years.  In my 34 years in the funeral service industry, I have never met anyone with the passion and expertise that Robyn possesses.  She has the unique gift of being able to counsel children, teens, adults, seniors…anyone of any age experiencing grief of any type.  Additionally, she is gifted with the ability to teach this to others who serve as grief care professionals so they can better serve their communities.

If you are serious about grief care, look no further than Robyn Plocher to help you develop an outstanding grief care program and to challenge you to become recognized as the outstanding grief care specialist in your community.”

Ted Myers, Retired                                                                                                               Indianapolis, IN


I have known Robyn Plocher since she was in college and have followed her career with interest and admiration. By dealing with her own grief in healthy ways and by training, she is exceptionally good at what she does. Her empathy, compassion, and willingness to speak truth with love in addition to her communication skills and her warm personality equip her to share the light of hope in seasons of grief and loss.

Linda J. Vogel, Ph.D. Professor Emerita, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary              Claremont, CA


Robyn has been given the gift of compassion for the bereaved. When I served as a volunteer for Robyn at Rick’s House of Hope, I got to know her not only as the administrator of the program (and handling all the details from scheduling to curriculum selection to volunteer training to participant registration and on and on) but also–and most importantly–as counselor, listener, confidant and loving adult who could be counted on to “be there” for each one of our participants. Robyn’s depth of knowledge from her training in trauma and loss, her skills in developing trusting relationships with the Rick’s House kids and her passion for her calling as a companion to our grieving children constantly inspired me. 

Kathy Middleton, Elementary Music Teacher (Retired)                                                    Davenport, IA